Unified Foundation

       ActiveMatrix Service Grid provides a unified design-time and runtime service structure based on the SCA/OSGI specification. This eliminates the require for technology dependent “wrapper code” for service enablement and enables consistent and reliable operational and administrative management crossways BPM, Java, .NET/C#/ VB/WCF, C++, Ruby, Spring, and other service infrastructures. It includes managed service implementation environments for leading third-party technologies including Java and .NET. Developers can depiction external services – from existing EJBs on WebSphere, WebLogic, and other Java EE-compliant servers – as managed services. IT organizations can add other ActiveMatrix products as wanted.
      Containers expand the hosted runtime environment by adding together configurable functionality such as BPM, policy management, service mediation, service deployment, and service management. This lets developers more with no trouble recycle services by reconfiguring the same service for utilize in many scenarios. ActiveMatrix Service Grid also captures execution details and dependency across services, which enables impact analysis and dependency tracking. By provided that support for both BPM and SOA on the similar platform, developers and administrators can vigorously create and administer workflows and services on a unified platform while providing support for governance throughout the whole environment.

Distributed Grid Infrastructure
       Provides scalability by leveraging TIBCO’s messaging and ESB technology in a grid-based architecture. Company can animatedly deploy services across equipment or co-locate them within an OS process, move services to different machines, and add dispersed load balancing and fault tolerance.

 Built-In Governance 
       Provides centralized strategy management with dispersed enforcement built on WS-Policy and other standards. Each service container, as well as the fundamental grid based architecture, provides distributed and rules-driven policy organization that enables service governance with fewer moving parts and better security management. Policy plug-in agents make sure that last mile security is fully addressed.
     ActiveMatrix Service Grid also lets administrators arrange, deploy, start, and stop service containers, BPM workflows, services, and compound applications, and monitor compound applications to quickly decide the root cause of failure.
The attributes of services and composite applications are stored in a common design-time and runtime repository; service definition can be stored and shared from side to side an included UDDI v3 registry. Integrations with third party registries are also provided.

Unified Development and Management 
      TIBCO Business Studio the ordinary design-time environment for TIBCO products, provides combined development, assembly, composition, and testing in an Eclipse environment. ActiveMatrix plug-ins to TIBCO Business Studio provide wide support for developing Java services and BPM workflows, then cabling them together with .NET services, service arbitration, and TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks orchestration or integration to build compound applications. TIBCO also provides plug-ins for Visual Studio .NET to support .NET service development.
      Monitoring and organization is done from side to side TIBCO ActiveMatrix Administrator, TIBCO’s common web-based administrator console for TIBCO products. Users can obtain advantage of a grid-based environment for scalability and load complementary, maintain system health and performance, and troubleshoot issues with the similar client interface.

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