What is ActiveMatrix Service Grid ?

    TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Grid is a complete SOA development platform that lets you change business logic written in dissimilar programming languages into re-usable SOA services, and then bring together those services into powerful compound applications.
   ActiveMatrix Service Grid is the perfect SOA development platform when you have a varied set of software possessions that you want to reuse. With no trouble you can build compound applications because almost all the work is done in graphical IDE, require little or no coding. Organizations who have implemented SOA with ActiveMatrix have achieved 30 to 60 percent greater output compared to alternative technologies.
   The ActiveMatrix run-time environment comes among a host of modular service containers. Services written inside Java, Microsoft technologies, Ruby, or spring can be assembled into a compound, then deployed and manage from the same graphical environment – one tool for the entire job.
   By means of integrated service supremacy, high-speed messaging backbone, and advanced management and monitoring capabilities, ActiveMatrix Service Grid is the ideal SOA development platform for the majority challenging software applications.
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